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Shop Services


At General Marine Electric's 5000 square foot service facility, conveniently located at the foot of Broadway on Staten Island, NY we are equipped to handle all your repair needs from large to small. Our EASA approved service center can handle all your electric machine needs, and with up to 3 ton material handling capability, we can satisfy your repair needs from fractional up to 500HP/KW. Our service facility consists of a full rewinding shop with motor test center, full machine shop stocked with all material necessary for bearing housing and shaft repairs, dynamic balancing up to 4000lbs and 72" overhung diameters, and a custom panel shop with capabilities ranging from local bilge alarm panels, all the way up to IEEE/ABS compliant switchboards and engine alarm/automation systems. Please see our available shop services below, and if you don't see something you need, contact us directly and chances are that we can handle the task. 

Shop Services

Rewind Service

  • Fractionals to 500HP/KW

  • EASA/IEEE Specifications

  • Inverter Duty Conversions

  • Class F or H Insulation

  • Exciter Stators

  • Exciter Rotors

  • Wound Rotors

  • Brake Coils

  • Custom Control Coils

  • Transformers

  • Obsolete Coils

Testing Service

  • Computerized 6KV Surge Testing

  • High Potential Testing

  • Hipotronics Motor Test Panel 0-500V

  • Dynamic Balancing to 4,000 Lbs

  • AC/DC Motor Run Testing up 500V

  • Motor and Generator Failure Analysis

  • VFD and RVS Diagnostics Testing

  • Printed Circuit Board Testing

  • Programmable Logic Control Testing

  • Protective Relay Testing

  • Circuit Breaker Testing

Machine Service

  • Material Handling to 3 Tons

  • Bearing Housing Repairs

  • Shaft Repairs

  • Keyseating

  • Lamination Stacking

  • Shaft Remanufacture

  • Commutator Resurface

  • Motor Frame Modifications

  • Custom Enclosures

Custom Panels and Repair

  • Power Generation Control

  • Switchboards/Switchgear

  • Control Panels

  • HMI/Operator Interface

  • PLC Systems

  • VFD Programming/Start-Up

  • RVS and "Soft-Starters"

  • Conventional Motor Controls

  • Winch Controls

  • Engine Room Alarms

  • Engine Room Automation

  • Wheelhouse Controls

  • Nameplate Engraving

  • UL, ABS, IEEE Compliance


Electric Motor and Generator Rewinding

Light bulbs; Whenever you flip the switch, you expect the light to go on. With electric machines, whenever we start them up, we expect the power to start flowing, or the motor to start turning. Like the light bulb, our machines sometimes burn out due to age, environmental conditions, operating conditions, general wear and tear, or a combination of all of those factors. Deteriorating insulation, bad winding conditions, mechanical stress, overloads all contribute to these factors and General Marine Electric has the expertise and workmanship to bring your machine to better than factory condition, assuring years of reliable operation. Regardless of the reason, at General Marine Electric we know that down time is equal to lost time, lost income and added expenses. Our team goes above and beyond to minimize downtime, maximize reliability and limit expense. Let us pick-up your electric machine to take it from a state like the images above to the images below, all while following EASA and IEEE standards, assuring a proper repair operation, from strip down to start-up. 


From fractional to 500HP/KW, General Marine Electric is equipped to rewind your machine with the highest quality copper, insulation and workmanship. General Marine Electric can also convert your conventional machine to an inverter duty machine with a complete redesign adapted to VFD duty operaton. From inverter duty copper, Class H insulation and ceramic bearings, General Marine Electric is prepared to apply its expertise and experience to make your machine more efficient and reliable for years to come.


Unlike most motor repair shops, we have equal focus in generator repairs. Generators are much less standardized than electric motors, and this is where experience really shines. With our portfolio of thousands of generators spread across dozens of shipping and marine transportation companies, our team has the generator expertise to keep the lights on and cargo moving fleetwide.

Electric Motor and Generator Overhaul


Predictive and Preventative; The foundations of any good repair programs, and at General Marine Electric, we are prepared to support your repair programs with our Motor and Generator overhaul services. From the moment your machine enters our shop, it follows the same rigorous repair guidelines outlined by EASA and IEEE. We focus on your power generation and transmission machines so you can focus on the bigger picture of keeping your ship and plant 100% reliable and online. There are no corners cut and no machine leaves our service facility until we are certain you will receive reliable operation for years to come. 

Machine Shop

Machine Shop Services

General Marine Electric's service facility not only has all the necessary equipment to achieve complete overhaul and rewinding services for electric machines, but also has a machine shop to support all mechanical repairs in-house and under our supervision. From milling to turning, whether it be bearing housing repairs, shaft repairs or building custom adapters for balancing operations, General Marine Electric is equipped to complete any mechanical operations typically necessary on an electric machine.

General Marine Electric has the capabilities and expertise to renew and resurface your burned and worn commutator, while preserving electrical integrity. Although DC motors are less and less relevant in the industrial sector these days, we know that special machines on crane barges and towing vessels rely on expensive, custom machinery that still use DC motors. A simple swap to a VFD or conventional AC motor system is not always an option, and at General Marine Electric, we have the experience necessary for dealing with your DC machine.


General Marine Electric also has vibration professionals that can correct your machines vibration issues, whether they be rotors, armatures, blowers and fans of all types. With factory trained operators on one of the most widely used balancing machines in the industry, General Marine Electric is equipped to correct your vibration problems, no matter how critical. We balance your rotor far below IEEE recommended limits to assure proper and smooth operation of your machine.

Switchboards 1

Switchboards || Control Panel Fabrication || PCB Repair

At General Marine Electric, we are fully equipped to design and build your ABS, IEEE and Coast Guard compliant switchboard, motor control centers, and distribution panels. Above you see an ABS/CG compliant 480V 200A switchboard built to service a barge after a complete repowering.


From the CAD computer to Commisioning, General Marine Electric has the engineering knowledge, classification experience and practical proficiency to complete your project on-time and on-budget, no matter the application. Call or E-Mail today for a free consulation and quotation.

Upgrade Controls

How many times have you seen a panel in this condition ? The marine sector is the harshest operating environment that people and equipment can be exposed to, and more often than not, the equipment suffers. When the equipment suffers, the safety of the people operating the machine is at risk, and at General Marine Electric we are prepared to update, upgrade or repower your system as necessary to achieve safe and reliable operation, each and every time. 

Now take a look at what happens when General Marine Electric takes the panel from the left and transforms it to the panel shown above. A combined winch control and line tension read-out that had become all but unusable is given new life again, not only to benefit the machine and the operation that it is supporting, but to give the operator the safety barrier and peace of mind necessary so that they can get the job done, each and every time.


Does your equipment have an out-dated automation and control panel that looks something like the one pictured above ? General Marine Electric will help you sort through that mess with innovative and up-to-date control solutions that will make your operation run smoothly, and make troubleshooting and maintenance problems a thing of the past.

General Marine Electric will take your out-dated automation equipment and upgrade it to state of the art Programmable Logic Control solutions that are field programmable and hot swappable, with low long term maintenance costs and control configurations that make sense from any angle. Call or E-mail today to see how we can upgrade your system with a free consulation and quotation.


Sometimes Programmable Logic Control solutions are not the necessary solutions. General Marine Electric can help you determine your exact needs and the most efficient and cost effective method to control your system. General Marine Electric has equal expertise in building traditional control systems that can handle any task, safely and effectively, no matter how small or large. 

Do you need to add additonal functions, safety systems or control methods to an existing system ? General Marine Electric's expert system integrators can help you build on top of your existing system, and have them operate as if they were one from the beginning. Whether adding automation function to your power plant, or adding a navigation light to your existing panel, General Marine Electric can seamlessly integrate the systems for hassle-free troubleshooting and simple operation.


Printed Circuit Boards have simplified and streamlined the design and operations of many different kinds of control systems in all industries. Like all machines, these boards sometimes fail. General Marine Electric can supply full circuit level diagnostic testing and repair solutions, no matter what type of circuit board or no matter what type of system it operates. With our large network of PCB suppliers, manufacturers and repair centers, General Marine Electric can offer you bottom line cost and the fastest turn-around time to limit your expenses and down time.

With state of the art test equipment, General Marine Electric is equipped to handle all your electrical and electronic testing services, whether in the shop or in the field. From circuit breakers to circuit boards, General Marine Electric's testing expertise and procedures comply with all necessary classification agencies. General Marine Electric also offers calibration services for instruments and sensors, and can supply NIST traceable certification if required. Call or E-Mail us today for a free consulation and quotation.

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